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Unveiling the Writer

Tristen Michael Hannah, a voice in upmarket and commercial fiction, weaves tales with dark and gritty undertones that captivate the hearts of readers. A writer since his teenage years, Tristen's literary journey took a profound turn with the birth of his first child. Inspired by this life-changing event, he penned a short story that swiftly evolved into his debut novel, Stillborn in the Wild. The rapid transformation of a few weeks' work into a full-fledged novel is a testament to his passion and dedication to the craft.

Beyond the realm of fiction, Tristen's life is a tapestry of unique experiences. As a former submarine officer in the navy, his training in nuclear operations adds depth and authenticity to his narratives, subtly intertwining his personal experiences with the worlds he creates.

Off the page, Tristen is a board game enthusiast, enjoying moments of light-hearted competition with friends. Yet, it's the stories of resilience, endurance, and triumph against impossible odds that resonate most with him—themes that are palpably evident in his works.

Family is the cornerstone of Tristen's world. With the recent addition of a little girl to the family, he finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, be it writing or spending quality time with loved ones. As he stands on the cusp of publishing Stillborn in the Wild, Tristen invites readers to delve into his world, promising a literary journey that mirrors the challenges and rewards of life itself.

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