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Stillborn in the Wild

In the chilling embrace of the Alaskan wilderness, a plane crash leaves Tabitha alone, battling against nature's unrelenting fury. But this frigid landscape mirrors another, equally treacherous journey—a journey of the heart. From the war-torn alleys of the Middle East to the silent expanse of the heavens, Tabitha's past converges with her present.

As memories of a passionate romance intertwine with the stark reality of survival, "Stillborn in the Wild" takes readers on an emotional odyssey that questions the very nature of love, loss, and redemption. Amidst the backdrop of external chaos, Tabitha confronts her deepest fears, regrets, and hopes, seeking solace in a world that has seemingly turned its back on her.

In this haunting tale by Tristen Michael Hannah, one woman's fight for survival becomes a poignant reflection on the choices that define us, the fragility of life, and the enduring spirit of the human heart.

Cover subject to change.

"First, there is the stunningly dangerous--and fascinating--storyworld of the arctic that draws you in. But what captured me even more was the protagonist Tabitha, a young doctor who struggles to survive after a plane crash, even as her past rises up to meet and confront her and change everything she thought she knew. So visceral, I was shivering, experiencing Tabitha’s quest along with her until I got to the surprising and yet inevitable finish. I loved this book."
--Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and Days of Wonder


"A compelling and authentic testament to both the physical and emotional challenges in both a survival situation, but more broadly in the trials of life in general."

--Jordan Jonas, survival and primitive living expert and winner of season 6 of Alone.

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